Thursday, May 29, 2014

Vampire Academy (2014)

Schools not all they suck at.  Did I spoil my review?

I had high hopes for this movie.  It was a HUGE let down from a sci-fi fan point of view and from a vampire fan point of view. Have you ever experienced one of those movies when from the first commercial advertisement you begin to get excited about seeing it, time passes, and then you finally get to rent it,  and then it starts out bad and kind of low budget feeling yet you hold on and keep thinking "it'll get better", alas, it never does.  Vampire Academy is THAT movie.

The plot sounded good enough.  A school for Vampires, different types of vampire classifications,  wealth vs poor, old vs young, etc.  All good.  This movie however did not successfully tell a good story.  It fell flat. I have to say it was a combination of budget vs reach and poor directorial choices by Mark Waters.

It sucked.

Don't believe me?  Follow this link to watch it for yourself Vampire Academy.  I dare you.

Shawn M. literally fell asleep less than 20 minutes into the movie.  I, unfortunately remained awake.

Vampire Academy gets two thumbs down from me! 
One up one down from Shawn! 
(He didn't watch enough to care.)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Bushido Sushi Restaurant in Venice, Florida

I have to admit, I didn't think this would end up being my go-to lunch spot when I first walked past it's storefront.

Tucked unassumingly beside a rather opulent Italian eatery, I never gave it much thought.  This place is now my absolute favorite lunch spot.  We eat lunch here  5-6 days a week.  That's a lot of sushi by anyone's standards.  I have my favorites and Shawn has his.  Shawn dislikes Nori and because of that we rarely ate sushi.  Bushido, however, offers soy paper wraps as a substitute for the Nori and Shawn is pleased which means I am pleased.  I personally LOVE sushi, but dislike raw fish. (yup, I'm "that guy".)

I often get a vegetarian roll ($4.25 at Bushido) or a California Roll ($4.95) with a cup of Miso.  Shawn and I can usually eat at Bushido for around $10-$12 including tip and be quite satisfied.  Pictured below is a California Roll (closest to you), an Avocado Roll (green), and Shawn's Vegetarian Roll with Soy Paper, and some Crab Rangoon.

They have addicted me to Miso Soup.  I eat it daily now.  Pictured below is my typical lunch from Bushido.

The owners of Bushido are extremely friendly too which is a bonus.

I still roll my own sushi at home quite often.  I'm proud enough of my sushi rolling skills to share a couple photo's of my homemade rolls below.  I prefer the Nori on the outside.

Bushido gets two thumbs up from both of us!

Click Here for their website. Here for their Yelp

 *Disclaimer:  We were not compensated in any way for this review.  We eat here daily and this review contains our unbiased opinions.