Saturday, August 1, 2015

Frank Family Vineyards : 2013 Lewis Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay Review

2013 Lewis Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay
$65 per bottle 

This is currently my favorite chardonnay.  It really is delicious by itself or paired with a variety of foods.  I tried my first glass of  Frank Family wines while dining at The Pear in Downtown Napa one evening.  I was impressed enough to visit their vineyard for a tasting the very next day.

We both love this Chardonnay.  The subtle balance of the oakiness and the crispness make for a very, very drinkable wine. This is the type of wine that I savor each sip with a smile and an occasional guttural "Mmmmmmm".  The first sip will coat your entire mouth with a creaminess that lingers just the perfect amount of time and then it finishes crisp without being overtly acidic and barely a hint of alcohol.  If tasting this wine blind, I would assume it to be much more expensive than it is.

If you enjoy a chardonnay, you will LOVE the Frank Family Vineyards 2013 Lewis Vineyard Reserve Chardonnay.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Alpha Omega Winery

Welcome friends,

This is our first post on our new blog.  We thought it fitting that it would be about the first winery we visited in Napa Valley, Alpha Omega.

Shawn (@shawntheactor on Instagram) and I (@shawndrinkswine on Instagram and Twitter) moved to Napa last year for a new job.  We work 91 scheduled hours a week and get precious little time to explore Napa and enjoy the #napalife.

About 6 months ago we decided to step out and begin to explore the local wineries and WOW, we had been missing out on the quintessential experience of living in Napa.

Our first stop, Alpha Omega Winery.